Welcome to the SIEF website for the substances Charcoal and Charcoal, coconut shell

On this website you will find information about the registration and the procedure concerning purchasing the Letter of Access (LoA) for these substances.

COALSTER GmbH is the Lead Registrant for the following substances.

Charcoal - EC No.: 240-383-3,CAS no.: 16291-96-6 (since September 2009)
Charcoal coconut shell - EC No.: 271-974-4,CAS No.: 68647-86-9 (since June 2012)

General information regarding the requirements under REACH are given under “General Information - REACH Registration”. Further substance-specific information are given under “Substances”.

We prepared all basics and important information for these substances to ensure a safe and easy registration.

If you are interested in purchasing a Letter of Access (LoA) you can send an order via our web shop. Further information are given under topic “Letter of Access” in the user area. Before you can login the user area, you have to create an user account. Therefore, please fill in the online questionnaire by clicking “Create account”.

The information will be forwarded to COALSTER GmbH automatically. This information provides the basis for an offer and a Letter of Access Agreement which will be sent to you within the next hours. This information will only be used for internal documentation and (if you agree) communication between COALSTER and ECHA during the registration procedure. This information will be handled confidentially and will not be forwarded to third parties.

About us:
COALSTER GmbH is specialized in REACH registration, especially in registration of UVCB substances. Our team of engineers, consultants and lawyers will support your registration process competently.

If you have any questions concerning our services, please send an email to charcoal@coalster.eu.

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